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The word curriculum vitae abbreviated as CV literally means story of your life. The two pages with information about your past determine the impression you cast on the employer, next step up the career ladder, a better position, more money, new challenges, etc. Therefore it is very important that your CV should represent the best you are. Pak positions guides you on do’s and don’t do’s while preparing CV as well as things you are supposed to include in it. Resume/CV guidelines are constantly changing and Pak positions is striving hard to keep itself up to date. Best advice is to find out what is appropriate vis-à-vis the corporate culture, the country culture, and the culture of the person making the hiring decision. The challenge will be to incorporate several different cultures into one document.

Different regions in worlds have different requisites for CV and we at Pak position will guide you on preparing CV for a specific post in a specific region. Pak position pin points minute details that make up a good and impressive CV. For example pay attention to the resume format you use—chronological or reverse-chronological order. Chronological order means listing your "oldest" work experience first. Your curriculum vitae should include personal details, education info, work experience, interests, skills and references. You can check out CV styles and choose the one which suits your job application best.

There are two main CV styles with variations within them. The first one is chronological in which information is included with most recent events first while the other one is skill based in which personal details are listed under skill headings. Once you compile your information on a impressive two page curricular vitae, you are ready to face your employer. Pak positions helps you compile CV for a wide range of jobs like IT, corporate sector, marketing, multinationals, showbiz, public services and a lot more. Visit Pak positions for CV writing tips, go out and give the world a twirl.

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