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Pakpositions, one of the best jobs portal amongest other online job portals in the Pakistani market has revolutionised the complete procedure of job searching and talent acquisition in Pakistani job market, providing e-solutions to the problems of both employers and job seekers. pakpositions is meant for the search of best jobs in all sectors of Pakistan economy.
Currently the boom in the IT and Telecomm sector of Pakistan, due to massive foreign investments and the operations from nearly 60 foreign companies in the IT and Telecomm sector made these two sectors as the best jobs producers in Pakistan.
Secondly Pakistan is becoming the first choice for global companies seeking for offshore houses for their business activities because of the steps taken by the Pakistan software export board and some of the bold steps taken by the government of Pakistan to attract the foreign investment have make Pakistan as the first priority for the international companies for outsourcing their business activities. This trend also have produced lot of best jobs available in the IT solutions providers companies which can be proved by the fact that currently PSEB have more than 1200 registered companies providing IT solutions to local market and also work as the outsource offices of various international companies.
Pakistan heading very fastly towards the new horizons in 21st century and the vision to be the asian tiger is being restructured by the government and major steps are taken to stabilise every sector of economy leading to the creation of some of the best jobs in every field. These best jobs are brought to the job seekers by the help and support of listings of new jobs openings and the category of featured jobs listings comprising of these best jobs listings online 24/7 visible to the job seekers.

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